Noesys, is a combination of the ancient Greek word noesis and system. Noesis, stands for understanding, intellect or Intelligence, which through the educational process, fluidis evolving in typical education as well as life long learning. System identification and analysis, through the development of mathematical models, utilize measurements of the environment intending to infer  scientific and real world phenomena.

Engineering applications, numerical procedures, as well as artificial intelligence algorithms, although rigorously documented and implemented, when utilized for the solution of particular scientific or industrial problems, is many times, more an art than a science, constituting a fascinating process. Accordingly, the aim of Noesys is to transfer knowledge from Data Science and Engineering to other scientific disciplines, industry and individuals. Following a vast variety of projects as well as courses for more than six thousand participants, in academia and professional practice, Noesys is continuously updating the taught courses, materials, methods and tools. The particular topics covered, are demonstrated in the website links. Contact, ask more information, or inquire  interest for training, consulting or tools, through the contact form.