Dr. Nikolaos Bakas

Dr. Nikolaos Bakas is a civil engineer, lecturer at the School of Architecture, Engineering and Geo-Environmental Sciences at the University Neapolis Paphos. His studies comprise the Diploma of Civil Engineer NTUA (2003), the postgraduate Diploma of Specialization Structural Design and Analysis of Structures (2005) and the PhD degree in Engineering of NTUA (2011). He has adjacently taught at the NTUA in the Finite Element Analysis and Special topics of Finite Element Analysis and at the University of Neapolis from 2012 to the present. Fields of research interest concern methods for theoretical and computational structural design, optimization algorithms, data analysis, artificial intelligence and bibliometrics. He has participated as a researcher or scientific responsible in a variety of European research projects, in research and development of applied engineering software and organize a vast number of scientific and technological seminars.

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