Basics of Photoshop

The aim of the course is to demonstrate the application of Adobe Photoshop and its actual application for editing images, web objects and printed designs. The new technology allows the processing and synthesis of images, logos, and 3D representations, as well as ways for the creation of presentation plates, etc

Introduction to the program, management tools, image analysis and color schemes, application settings, layers, layers sets, color processing, history, imported object usage, presentation guide instructions, coloring and editing architectural drawings, modifying a selected shape, using and editing text, using guides and rulers, creating a final file, and printing files.

Who should attend
graphic designers interested in working with the software
architects interested in learning how to use the photoshop application on their designs

Course benefits
The seminar will describe the main features and basic functionality of the application as well as design paths. The hands-on examples will demonstrate how to use the application productively.

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