Dampers Design with IDA

Solutions for real-world problems, demand to combine, evolve and transference of scientific knowledge. Data modelling and analysis play an important role in a vast amount of research and industrial projects. This is the art and science of refinement, enhancement and implementation of novel methods, models and procedures of high scientific merit as well as interdisciplinary cooperation among thematic disciplines.


Objective of the project is the development of enhanced seismic protection systems for process plants, process units, storage units, pipeline and pipe systems, through innovative antiseismic techniques: seisproindustry.JPGmic isolation systems and energy dissipation systems. The systems shall be suitable for both the retrofit of existing industrial structures and the design of new ones. Nonlinear analysis is performed on an existing industrial steel structure (Sodium building) while its retrofitting is examined using SSCD dampers. Specific numerical complications of the incremental dynamic analysis (IDA) and the pushover analysis are identified and reported, whereas their resolution is also provided. In particular, the model of a flag shaped, self-centering steel device (SSCD), exhibiting re-centering and recovery is presented, along with its connections to the structural frame. Moreover, the IDA results are presented in comparison to the pushover analysis respective ones, while the IDA effectiveness in capturing nonlinear behavior in high accelerations where pushover fails, is emphasized. The optimal values of damper stiffness and strength for maximizing energy dissipation within the structure are also presented, comparison of the structural performance before and after retrofitting is attempted, while the association between re-centering β-factor and capacity curves is thoroughly examined. In addition, the most effective damper positions on the building are explored and discussed, along with the relation of the damper parameters and the capacity curves.


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