Dr. Nikolaos Bakas

Dr. Nikolaos Bakas is a Lecturer in Computational Mechanics at Neapolis University Paphos. In recent work at Research – A Science Partner Journal, he gave a generic solution for the mathematical problem of predictions for a given dataset. His research and professional works, regards data analysis, mathematical models and predictions in a wide range of applications. He holds a postgraduate diploma in Computational Engineering and a Ph.D. degree in Optimization and has been publishing more than 40 research works. He has taught at the National Technical University of Athens. and at Neapolis University from 2012 to today. He has participated in a variety of research projects, at the National Technical University of Athens and at Neapolis University Pafos, as well as in Software Engineering companies in Greece. His research and professional works regard applications of computational engineering, finite elements, artificial neural networks, optimization algorithms, data analysis and development of computer codes. Also, he has been organizing training seminars for more than 5.000 professional Engineers.



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