Finite Element Analysis using ANSYS

Finite Element Analysis is a numerical method used to analyze engineering problems. It has application in modeling a wide range of systems and simulate their behavior during the operation at different environments. The analysis consists of designing the system, defining the properties of materials and operating conditions so as to retrieve information about system’s response. The method can be used in both the industrial and the academic field during the design phase of a system or as a tool for failure analysis.

ANSYS is one of the most recognized software platforms worldwide and it is widely used as a powerful tool for Finite Element Analysis. The introductory seminar in ANSYS provides the participants with relevant information and skills in order to model systems in the software environment and perform FEA through hands-on practical case studies analysis.   The participants upon successful completion of the seminar will be able to develop and analyze detailed, real-world finite element models using the ANSYS Workbench environment.


Geometry creation and optimization using Design Modeler. Attaching existing geometry.  Engineering Data.  Mesh Definition. Definition of boundary conditions. Application of Loads. Solving and reporting results.

Who Should Attend

  • professionals active in the design of systems
  • researchers which want to analyze specific problems with the use of Finite Element Analysis
  • anyone interested to understand the application of  FEA with hands-on implementation of real-life problems

Course Benefits

  • Effectively and efficiently model or import geometry for real applications.
  • hands-on experience, with real  test cases
  •  acquisition of practical knowledge in performing FEA and reviewing results

Course Instructor: Dr. George Anastasopoulos 

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