Markos Rizk

More than 380.000 square meters of static,seismic analysis and design.

1. Special Assistant at several governments , providing advice on matters of planning preparation and implementation of public works programs for the National Strategic Reference Framework.Advisor in scientific field responsibilities associated in the science of structural engineering.

2. Research fellow for technical software at pi-Systems International Company. Support Engineer, training and knowledge transfer, engineering software organizations in the public and companies in the construction sector.

3. Participation in the book of Civil Engineering Apostolos Constantinides entitled “Earthquake resistant buildings from reinforcement concrete” and the check all the examples and projects contained in the cd and the book.

4. Instructor in seminars organized from time to time various scientific institutions and companies (pi-Systems, Technical Chamber of Greece, Expert- in, etc.)

5. Instructor in seminars structural design (conducted by Expert-in) under the grant program, the Technical Chamber of Greece, “Engineering Education in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)”

6. National Technical University. Cost calculation of the University Park study.

7. Analysis – Design and Develop a comprehensive application in the study and monitoring works.

8. Participation in Program Development of Industrial Research in Software Development Seismic Design using new technologies of virtual reality.

9. Registered Experience Manufacturers Public Works Ministry.

10. Participation as an construction engineer in a company active in public works at General Hospital of Larissa (total budget 4.343.353 €)

11. Parallel participation in the design and construction of numerous projects as a private structural engineer until today.

12. Consulting engineer to major design and construction companies LIONTOS, OMETE SA , KION, AEGEK – METON – AKTOR – ATTICA METRO and many others.

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