Our Training Approach

The aim of Noesys is to transfer knowledge from Data Science and Engineering to other scientific disciplines, industry, and individuals. Following a vast variety of projects and courses for more than five thousand people, in academia and professional practice, Noesys is continuously updating the taught courses, materials, methods and tools. The particular topics covered, are demonstrated in the thematic areas pages.

Personalized Learning Systems

To facilitate training and improve the performance of life-long learning systems, Noesys provide live learning, e-learning as well as combinations of training approaches, tailored to each group and individual needs, by generating, utilizing, and operating technological processes and systems. The thematic areas covered, regard consulting and training through:

  • live classroom training
  • e-learning
  • resources (videos, lecture notes, books)
  • consulting on specific projects
  • combinations of the above

The combination of live learning and e-learning, as well as classroom training and private lessons, are customized according to each individual demands. Accordingly, the participation cost is minimized, while the learning time and convenience, maximized.

  • seminars
  • workshops
  • summer schools
  • classroom training
  • web platform
  • groups
  • individual lessons

Our services aim to optimize the matching between instructor and trainee, in terms of:

  • thematic areas
  • course duration
  • educational cost
  • teaching processes

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