Revit Architecture*

The aim of the course is to demonstrate the REVIT software and its real-world implementation in architectural projects. The Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology offered by the software is a design philosophy based on objects rather than drawing lines. This speeds up the drawing process, and automatically produces views, sections, detailing drawings, etc.

Building Information Modeling (BIM). Ribbon and essential design commands. Modify menu & Manage. Units and Snaps. Architectural wall, window, door. Object properties, modifications, and families. Roof and floor elements. Sloped roofs. Stairs. Topographic surface design (toposurface). Building pad. Splits and merge surfaces. Import and edit contours. Massing Place and generalized design in the three-dimensional space. Dimensions, elevations and tagging objects. Import CAD and image files. Edit objects: copy, move, rotate. Split object into segments. Printing and scaling. Materials and Rendering.

Who Should Attend

  • architects and designers interested in working with BIM software
  • anyone interested in learning the usage of REVIT software.

Course Benefits

  • training in one of the leading engineering software in the market.
  • Convenient and fast design using objects and automatic design and modification of the necessary designs (plan, view, intersection, 3D).

*The course is upcoming

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