Sensitivity Analysis of Workplace Related Risks

In this work, presented in the Employability21 Conference, we implemented Machine Learning Algorithms, to analyze the Employee Experience Feedback. In the current, post-crisis period in Greece, after a long period of uncertainty under continuous and stressful change, both governmental & civil service enablers have a significant impact on the economic competitiveness and civil society. The psychosocial risk assessment seems to become “a must” towards continuous improvement of employee experience in the workplace, outcomes for civil society, and higher rankings for the country competitiveness. We aim:
I. To provide the Greek Version based on the German version of COPSOQ V.3
II. To assess the Reliability, the Construct validity and the Content validity of the Greek Version of COPSOQ v.3
III. To implement the new instrument for analyzing the first evidence and relevant findings from Greece
IV. To introduce a simple and Organizational Change Assessment Framework for public administration entities in Greece, based on the findings and conclusions.


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