Terms and conditions

  1. By participating in online seminars, and in all lectures, you will receive a certificate of attendance after the end of the seminar.
  2. The certificate of attendance is not a certificate of knowledge of the particular subject.
  3. You must state your true identity in the entry form. Noesys cannot verify your identity, so the responsibility for the correct declaration of data lies on you.
  4. The data will not be given to third parties other than co-organizers such as michanikos-online.gr
  5. In both online-live and in the case of video-taped courses, it is forbidden in any way retransmission to third parties.
  6. This site is not: sponsored, validated, or affiliated with Autodesk, Inc.
  7. It is forbidden to republish texts from this site, which is the property of its contributors.
  8. All corporate names and trademarks are the property of their respective companies. The demonstrated pages in this website, regard the involvement of noesys people.

For clarifications, contact us.

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